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Recent News:


The Inheritance of a Long-Term Fault - directed by Vanessa Morosco, produced by Clutch Productions, 2023.

"An extraordinary play that explores how the societal structures across many cultures have shaped cultural interactions and defined what is viewed as societal norms to the present day. It is a provocative, thought-provoking look at how colonial patriarchal behaviors and attitudes about women’s roles persist into the present day. It is a show worth seeing and, more importantly, exploring the ideas engendered by it." - TheatreScene


A new musical The King's Wife, written with Grammy Award Nominee Jamie Floyd (you can follow us on instagram @thekingswifemusical and hear some songs from the show!). The musical received a development reading at Playwrights Horizons, NYC, and we have lots of news to share soon. 

What others have said...

"It is a wonderful thing when a dazzling talent announces itself and better yet when it is seen and acknowledged... The world need your plays, now more than ever, Mêlisa." Award Winning Playwright, Theresa Rebeck

"Mêlisa doesn't write one kind of play. She won't put herself in a box. She has infinite interests and she is not afraid to write about them. Her curiosity takes her to dangerous places. She is brave. And also a lot of fun." -Emmy Nominee, Cusi Cram

"...It’s a fair bet that no one has envisioned, planned and pulled off a creative endeavor as expansive as “Of Spacious Skies.” - John Moore, True West Awards

“We often use the phrase ‘a singular talent for storytelling’ to describe part of our selection criteria for playwrights. Mêlisa Annis has that very singular talent.  Mêlisa explores intimacy, trust, abandonment, abuse of power, and relationship dynamics — all told with her characteristic dark wit and deep wisdom. Mêlisa can make us laugh and make us uncomfortable, all while keeping us on the edge of our seats.” - Artistic Director Parity Productions, Ludovica Villar-Hauser

"...A taut, very funny, and brilliantly played dance of wits and emotions" - Jon Sobel, BlogCritics on Charlie's Waiting

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